Do you know snake, the retro game legend that exists untill now?

Yes, it is a great amazing game. Snake is a retro game play legendary. In the past children playing this game in gameboy. Over time, this game can be played in a web browser, take advantage of technological developments.
Now the game is retro kind of snake it was outdated both the gameplay and graphic display. Steve Howse develop similar games snake retort become more modern both the look and gameplay, without changing the characteristic retro snake game. Name of the game it is


The graphics are very amazing and make the players addicted and do not stop playing it. playable multiplayer or single player. For multiplayer game is very interesting because it involves many players directly and fro compete to be the first and master leaderboard.

Rules of this game game is, every snake consuming items will increase in size or length, then snake bumping or colliding with another snake, only bigger wins, while the smaller snake will die.

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