Consider the HTC One M8 as the big-budget follow-up to an Oscar-winning indie movie. In 2014’s HTC One won go crazy testimonials as well as obsessed followers, however, inadequate consumers to keep HTC growing. This year, HTC requires a rip-roaring box-office hit with its first-runner phone as listed in

It can happen. The One M8 is unquestionably one of the most remarkable phone the company has ever before produced. Like its precursor, the M8 brings a refined and also lovely software as well as fast performance, all wrapped in a lithe as well as appealing aluminum skin.

The HTC One M8 must compete head-to-head against its archrival’s freshest mobile device, the Samsung Galaxy S5, and also compete it does. Visually talking, the HTC One M8 runs rings around the GS5 with its sophisticated and also intuitive Sense interface. Exactly what’s more, though the M8 could lack every bell and also whistle that Samsung packs right into its phones, it matches the GS5 on practically every feature that matters, from refining speed to the interface. Only the electronic camera and its ever-so-slightly muddy shots offer me pause.


When the original HTC One hit the mobile scene in 2015, I was stunned by its sophisticated all-metal unibody chassis. Not just was it tight and also comfy to grip, however many thanks to an efficiently bent back as well as matte coating, its refined sides raised the mobile phone to an extraordinary degree of high-end. Frankly, I would certainly never seen a cell phone appearance that excellent, and also I have handled a lot of smartphones.

Design wise; this sets the bar high for any subsequent smart device, not to mention an HTC One follow-up. I could validate, though, that the new HTC One M8 is one heck of a good-looking gadget– the sexiest smart device I have seen all year, as a matter of fact (consisting of the Galaxy S5 as well as the Sony Xperia Z2 ). While HTC’s latest production is more cautiously styled compared to the previous One, it looks that’s just as costs.

As an example, the M8’s bezel (where the display, as well as phone edge, fulfill) is alluringly reflective and also well conveys that you’re holding a luxury mobile. Nevertheless, the bezel is not brightened to the same distinctive sheen as the very first One was. I additionally located the back surface area of my M8 evaluation device, though adoringly minted in a stylish brushed-metal theme, smoother than the old HTC One, which had a roughness virtually like a ceramic bowl. Indeed this gray M8’s slicker texture doesn’t wick away moisture somewhat as successfully. The result is an unsafe, much more pleasant canvas for grease compared to its predecessor’s matte back.

To be clear, the One M8 can be found in 2 added shades (silver as well as gold) that don’t have a sporting activity the brushed-metal pattern (which HTC calls “hairline”). The after effects is that both the silver and also gold versions of the M8 do not have the gray model’s unsafe feeling. As well as in various other ways the M8 is equally as gorgeous as its predecessor. It makes use of a gorgeous all-aluminum body that shows off a similar curved backing. The M8 also feels fantastically stable, dependable, as well as well-constructed.

I confess these are minor problems and nitpicking on my component because the M8 brings important layout enhancements to the HTC One franchise. Especially the phone’s screen is currently bigger– 5 inches across (instead of the HTC One’s 4.7-inch display). And also unlike the very first One, HTC states the One M8’s chassis is genuinely constructed entirely from steel. By comparison, the business discussed the first One’s body was 70 percent light weight aluminum, the remainder being plastic.

Also the M8 sports a pair of powerful stereo audio speakers that flank the screen. Likewise branded by HTC as BoomSound, these front-firing grilles vocalize a ton of noise, a minimum of for a smartphone. Also better, the M8 is certainly louder and also produces sound with the way a lot more existence compared to in 2015’s design. It’s to be expected, given that HTC says it boosted the M8’s BoomSound stereo by cranking up the quantity by 25 percent and also increased its frequency range. Don’t just take my word for it. Make sure to take a look at our deep dive into the HTC One M8’s updated audio expertise.

Despite the phone’s bigger display screen, the gadget stays about the very same dimension, density, and weight. Tipping the scales at 5.4 ounces (154.2 grams), the M8 understandably stands a little taller yet is simply a little larger than the older One (5.04 ounces/142.9 grams). It’s larger compared to the Galaxy S5, too (5.1 ounces/145 grams) despite the fact that the M8 does not have additional equipment such as a heart-rate display as well as a fingerprint scanner.

From the minute I picked up the HTC One M8, I understood its big 5-inch screen was high-quality. While it can not create the same deep blacks and also dynamic colors invoked by the OLED presents you’ll locate in Samsung Galaxy mobiles such as the Note 3 and also GS4, the M8’s IPS LCD has a whole lot going for it. Especially these are very well broad watching angles, a pleasing amount of illumination, plus vibrant colors.

With a complete HD resolution (1,920 x1,080 pixels), images, video clip, and message were likewise crisp on the phone’s screen also if it has a partially reduced pixel thickness than the original One (which had the same variety of pixels on a smaller 4.7-inch display). All this amounts to display that justifies any aesthetic content you choose to delight in on the M8.

Some words of cautioning, however; if you opt to see the One M8’s screen in the open airs, I suggest you do so without polarized sunglasses. When I did this with my pair of Ray-Bans, the phone’s screen in portrait positioning was dark to the factor of being unreadable. Flipping the One M8 right into landscape position had not been a trouble, and the screen was equally as intense customarily under these conditions.